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One Sky Family Foundation is one of the leading Non-profitable, Charitable Voluntary Organization in Bangladesh. One Sky Family Foundation has hundreds of volunteers, whose mission is to Serving for Society, Serving for Humanity. We are engaged in Disadvantaged Child Shelter, their Food and Education Donation Project. Food and medical activities for marginalized and disadvantaged people, eradicate orphan of the society. Supportive projects for Farmers and Marginalized people. At the same time enforcement work for Entrepreneurial development, innovation and practical training to support the society for mass development. We also working with Autism & Disability accordingly and both for the remote areas and the slum people our initiate for the Maternal and child health development is in great progress. Our aim is to ensure Safe and nutritious food for all people who are struggling with poverty. The project named “Manobotar Khabar (Humanity food)” is running with a great effort. Now we are serving around 1000 Packets of ready food box every day at certain time to the selected different paces. Our volunteers are always ready to stand by humanity in any moment of disaster and crisis of the nation.

Vision: Our vision is to spread humanity and kindness, and bring social justice, where people live in a peaceful environment

Mission: Our mission is to provide education and nourishment, for underprivileged peoples of the society.

We work with some of the world's most vulnerable communities around the world, mainly in Bangladesh and Latin America. We run some regular projects at these areas, such as schools, orphan centers, infirmaries, hostels, food projects, medical projects, legal aid, library etc. Besides these, when emergencies strike in these countries, we are there before, during and after to save lives and support people in the long term. We also work in other countries and regions through our other partners, particularly around humanitarian emergencies such as the refugee crisis.

One sky family Foundation was founded by Sadrul Alam Sihab & M. Sayeed Chowdhury, who are professionals and social activist. The concept is their brainchild and it is his vision that has created its distinctive holistic approach to helping vulnerable and disadvantaged people achieve self-dignity, self-determination and self-sufficiency in Bangladeshi society. He also works with several charities in South America in order to bring new solutions to complex problems. He does this with uniqueness, effectiveness and originality. Later A team of members from differing backgrounds in the society came together to dedicate their time, resources and skills to take forward his idea. The idea eventually took shape in the form of the currently running foundation, providing education, shelter, nutrition, healthcare &; legal aid to the impoverished and enabling them with skills, giving them the confidence to stand on the same pedestal as their peers. One sky family Foundation has started it's journey with just 22 students at Narayangonj in 22 December, 2013. Currently it has eight branches nationwide with hundreads of volunteers, two orphanages in Ramu & Rajbari with 135 orphan child, one Old Age Home, One full Primary school on it's own land with 250 students, Two libraries with thousands of books open for all. Besides these, One sky family Foundation has been conducted some unique and innovative programs such as One Taka Meal, One Taka Medical Aid, One Glass of Milk, Free academic coaching, Orphanage Center, Free University admission Coaching, Scholarship Program, Photography for children, Women Empowerment, Training Center etc.

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